Business Development

A strategic approach to business development

We provide specialist business development advice and assistance for medical device companies in the United Kingdom, throughout Europe, North America and beyond.

Services provided are wide ranging and include, but are not limited to:

  • Training on all aspects of product management to ensure profitability, sustainability and uniqueness in the marketplace.
  • Brain storming with you and your team on new product concepts, evolution or revolution and related business models to grow your business and improve your unique selling propositions.
  • Researching highly complex and technical medical device markets, taking in lots of information and turning it into intelligence. This is then simplified and made easy to understand. Often a few key words can describe critical strategic issues, this really helps top management to make important decisions on the future direction of the business.
  • Finding and introducing key partners for your sales, distribution, supply chain, compliance, product development, consumer testing or other specialist service.
  • Identifying, researching and ranking potential acquisition or acquiring partners.
  • Providing assistance with funding applications or investor presentations so that the true potential of your innovation is really understood and excites potential investors.
  • Acting as a reviewer for funding applications – due diligence – that require specialist knowledge and experience of medical devices based on a broad and deep hands-on experience gained over many years in the sector.
  • Acting as a mentor to top management and key players in the business to ensure they deliver their potential.

If you’d like to know more about how our business development expertise can enhance and reinforce your medical device proposition, please feel free to contact us here.

We provide specialist advice and assistance for medical device companies throughout Europe, North America and beyond…

Should you require any further information simply call us on 07739 733 177